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Secretary General Ban Ki Moon United Nations Office, New York

Secretary General

Ban Ki Moon

United Nations Office New York

760 United Nations Plaza

New York, 10017




Dear Secretary General,


I take the liberty of addressing you but do so because all my efforts to obtain justice in Austria have been unsuccessful (Enclosure1 -,

Enclosure2 -,

Enclosure3 -,

Enclosure4 -,

Enclosure5 -,

Enclosure6 -,

Enclosure7 -


I am the inventor of the anti-cancer preparation NSC 631570 (UKRAIN) which is the first drug of its kind that has a selective effect, meaning that it attacks only cancer cells while leaving healthy cells undamaged (Enclosure8 - It has been studied and tested by scientists at renowned universities and research institutes worldwide and it is the subject of around 300 specialist articles demonstrating its efficacy, quality and safety, 180 of which can be found on PubMed (


As shown by the results of a study carried out by Dr. Burkhardt Aschhoff in Germany, the preparation NSC 631570 brought about full remissions in 64% of children cancer sufferers who had already exhausted all other possible forms of therapy and had been sent home to die as terminally ill, whereby the figure for adults under the same conditions was only 10% (Enclosure10 -


At the same time Prof. Beger in Germany had carried out two clinical studies of the effect of NSC 631570 on pancreatic cancer (Enclosure11 -, Enclosure12 -


A third study was carried out that showed that 30% of patients with pancreatic cancer live for more than 5 years after treatment (Enclosure13 -, while medical statistics show that after standard treatment patients with such a diagnosis live for 4-6 months and only 3% of patients achieve a five-year survival rate (

After treatment with chemotherapy the lives of pancreaticcancerpatients can be prolonged for 4 weeks at most.


To conceal the fact that this anti-cancer preparation is so effective for cancer patients, the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (attached to the Austrian Ministry of Health) paid €780,000, as a donation for scientific research to Prof. Beger not to publish such sensational results of the treatment of pancreatic cancer with NSC 631570 (“Beger hat eine Spende von 780,000 kassiert”) (Enclosure14 - Begeris retired now.


On the basis of a groundless assertion that NSC 631570 has no effect, in2011 officials from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety ordered the confiscation of ampoules from packages sent to customers in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong etc. This was the beginning of the unlawful attacksnot only on me but also on all cancer sufferers. It is an important fact that NSC 631570 is approved in Austria for carrying out clinical studies. In addition, in accordance with Paragraph 42 of the АМG of Austria (Medicines Act), every doctor has the right to use NSC 631570 inhis practice.


After that on 04 September 2012 officials from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety and from the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs raided my premises, confiscated supplies of the medicine and imprisoned me. And all of this was done without an appropriate court order. Irrespective of the fact that the court ordered that all confiscated ampoules be returned, it has still not been done (Enclosure15 -


Despite the fact that all charges have subsequently been dropped, the confiscated ampoules, money, my children’s saving books and some valuables have still not been returned to me.


My lawyer then appealed immediately to all the appropriate authorities with the demand that my illegally confiscated property be returned to me. But unfortunately none of them reacted and my lawyer then filed a complaint to the highest instance of the Austrian Republic, namely to the Higher Administrative Court, for the return of all the confiscated NSC 631570 ampoules. The court turned down the request with the groundless assertion that this preparation is detrimental to health. This allegation is in fact not confirmed by any scientific research results. Thus all legal steps on our part have remained ineffective and all remedies in Austria have been exhausted(Enclosure16 -


This was all despite the fact that in 1992 the final report on NSC 631570 of the Ministry of Health of Austria described the tolerability of this anti-cancer preparation as “excellent”. In the same report it was stated that NSC 631570 has “no side-effects” (Enclosure17 -


The most outrageous fact in this story is that NSC 631570 has been registered for carrying out clinical studies in Austria since 1993. The question arises then: how is it possible to conduct clinical studies when the preparation has been illegally confiscated? In accordance with the law, the officials should have sealed the store and taken only several ampoules with NSC 631570 in the event they had any doubts about its effect.


Austrian officials are now also attempting to use the fact that of relabelling the NSC 631570 ampoules against me. After the unlawful confiscation of all ampoules on 11 November 2011 and the ban on sending already manufactured ampoules from DYCKERHOFF Pharma GmbH & Co KG (Cologne, Germany) to patients, I could not allow cancer patients to die in their hopeless condition. Therefore, as a doctor of chemistry,acting on the basis of paragraph 10 of the Penal Code of the Republic of Austria, I relabelled the NSC 631570 ampoules with a period of validity up to 2006, on the label truthful. It is generally known that alkaloid salts do not lose their effect over time. NSC 631570 is made up of ions from alkaloid salts.


Todelaythelegal investigationof my case the courtpostponed proceedings until 27-28January 2015, although it should have taken place on03December2014. In fact I received no written notification, my lawyer was only informed verbally. And what question is to be considered? - Whether the preparation lost efficacy or not.


This leads to the conclusion that all this is being done intentionally in order to obstruct my scientific research which is for the benefit of society.



Thus, I appeal to you for help, not simply for me but for cancer sufferers (especially children with cancer diseases) who have now been denied a last chance of treatment. It is a great crime against humanity. After the confiscation of NSC 631570 the Austrian officials involved became accomplices in a great crime - the deaths of a whole series of patients who were only alive thanks to this preparation.


On the basis of the above-mentioned and guided by:


1)      Paragraph 7 of the Constitution of the Republic of Austria which guarantees the same rights to all citizens.


2)      Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR);

Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR);

Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which guarantee the

principle of the inviolability of private property.


3)      Article11oftheUniversalDeclarationofHumanRights;

Article 6.2 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe;

Article 48 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Unionwhich guarantees thepresumption of innocence.


4)      Freedom of research and the responsibility of scientists.




That the Austrian state be forced to returntomeall illegally confiscated NSC 631570 ampoules, money, my children’s saving books, and valuablesbecause this is my legal property.





Dr. J.W. Nowicky


Contact details:

Dr. J.W. Nowicky

7 Margaretenstrasse,

A-1040 Vienna,


Tel.: +43-1-58612 230






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