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Letter to St. Anna Kinderspital

St. Anna Kinderspital
z.Hd. Herrn Univ. Prof. Dr. Helmut Gadner
Kinderspitalgasse 6
1090 Wien

Wien,  8. Juli 2010

Sehr geehrter Herr Professor,

Following the appeal for donations published in the media by St. Anna Children’s Hospital I would like to offer you a choice of how I too may be able to offer my support: either I make available free of charge my anti-cancer preparation UKRAIN for the treatment of 11 children or if you prefer I will make a cash donation.

I have already been occupied with the subject of children’s cancer for decade and I am aware of the trauma that such a diagnosis means not only for the affected children but also especially for their parents. You can also read about this in the preface “I want to relieve suffering” of the book “Krebsmittel Ukrain - Kriminalgeschichte einer Verhinderung” by Dr. Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein (Molden Verlag).

Around 30 years ago in your hospital the successful treatment was documented by X-ray of a Polish girl suffering from Ewing’s Sarcoma (Lohninger et al). At the time your doctors were convinced that the regression of the tumour occurred as a result of UKRAIN.  It was surprising that even the bones destroyed by cancer cells regenerated, which can be clearly seen on the X-rays made at your institute. Not only in this case has UKRAIN been of help in the treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma, other doctors have also reported their therapeutic successes with UKRAIN (Aschhoff et al and Lanvers-Kaminsky et al).

The efficacy of UKRAIN has been proved and confirmed in numerous open and randomised studies (enclosure: “Efficacy, Safety and Quality“). In Austria, according to § 8 (previously  § 12) of the Austrian Medicines Act, non-registered drugs may also be used if their efficacy, safety and quality is proven and successful treatment cannot be achieved with a registered and available medicine according to current knowledge. On the basis of this clause many Austrian doctors have used this preparation in practice and reported great successes with patients who had exhausted all other forms of therapy. Some patients were in a hopeless condition and are still alive today – more than twenty years later – as a result of UKRAIN monotherapy, such as the case made public knowledge by press and television of Hedwig Jakob (enclosure: publication 28 and ICTV film) who was suffering from a metastasing adenocarcinoma of the colon. The collected experiences of doctors have been submitted to the Austrian Ministry of Health (enclosure: Case Studies).

How effectively this preparation can be used with children is shown by the fact that not only children suffering from cancer have been able to be helped but also children with genetic diseases which are still officially regarded as incurable. The 13 year-old Mariana Katic, who was suffering from tuberöser Sklerose (Nowicki et al), was discharged as a hopeless case and treated with UKRAIN in 1996. Ms Katic is now 27 years-old and has given birth to a healthy son. The three year-old Stefan Dan, who was suffering from a generalised Lymphangiomatose (Langer et al, Obstructive Tactics and their Consequences
), was discharged as having exhausted all forms of therapy. Thanks to UKRAIN Stefan has  been able to celebrate his 18th birthday, as you can see from the enclosed documentation. A German child with the diagnosis of Xeroderma pigmentosum (Aschhoff et al), whose story was publicised by the media, could also be helped with UKRAIN. Before the beginning of treatment with UKRAIN more than 50 skin operations had been carried out on him. He has now passed his driving test and drives a car. 

The fact that is of overriding importance is that UKRAIN is effective against cancer, it destroys only cancer cells (publications Roublevskaya et al, Gagliano et al, Mendoza et al), while leaving healthy cells undamaged, weshalb das Mittel nebenwirkungsarm ist und daher keine zusätzlich Belastung für die Kinder darstellt.

I look forward to your much-appreciated reply, which I shall publish on the internet along with this letter since it is a matter of public interest.

Best regards,
Dr. Wassil Nowicky

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