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Letter to St. Anna Kinderspital

St. Anna Kinderspital

Prof. Dr. Georg Mann
Kinderspitalgasse 6
1090 Vienna

11 November 2010

Dear Professor,

I sent a letter to St. Anna Kinderspital with two offers on 8 July of this year in answer to your media appeal to help children suffering from cancer. Since I received no reply from you I took the liberty of sending this letter again on 6 October and it was delivered on 7 October.

Despite a reminder from us on 4 November I have still received no reply which is why I would like to ask you again whether you would prefer me to make available the anticancer preparation Ukrain for the treatment of 11 children free of charge or whether you would prefer a monetary donation.

I have been concerned with the subject of cancer in children for decades and I am aware of the trauma that such a diagnosis means, not only for the affected children but also especially for their parents. You can also see this from the introduction “I want to relieve suffering” to the book “Krebsmittel Ukrain - Kriminalgeschichte einer Verhinderung” by Dr. Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein, Molden Verlag, Vienna (Enclosure 1).

It has already been possible to help many children with the medicament Ukrain (Enclosure
). In 1983 tumour regression was also documented by X-ray at your hospital during therapy with Ukrain on a 9 year-old Polish girl suffering from Ewing’s Sarcoma (Enclosure 3). She was treated with Ukrain, which led to a full remission, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy were unable to stop tumour growth (see the X-rays made at your hospital).

In Germany Dr. Burkhard Aschhoff treated eight children suffering from Ewing’s Sarcoma with Ukrain and the results are briefly presented in the above-mentioned article. He made a detailed report about one patient in a separate publication. A full remission was achieved with Ukrain. The patient, who was 10 years-old at the time, is still alive today and is now 20 years-old (Enclosure 4).

Ukrain has also been used successfully with astrocytoma (Enclosure 5).

How effectively this preparation can be used with children is demonstrated by the fact that not only patients suffering from cancer can be helped but also children with hereditary diseases which are still officially regarded as incurable. The 13 year-old Marianna Katic, who was suffering from tuberous sclerosis (Enclosure 6), was discharged from hospital as a hopeless case and treated with Ukrain in 1996. Ms Katic is now 27 years-old and has given birth to a healthy son. The 3 year-old Stefan Dan, who was suffering from a generalised lymphangiomatosis (Enclosure 7), was also discharged from your hospital as having exhausted all forms of therapy. Thanks to Ukrain Stefan has now been able to celebrate his 18th birthday, as you can see for yourself from the enclosed documentation (Enclosure 8). Two children with the diagnosis xeroderma pigmentosum could also be helped with Ukrain (Enclosure 9, Enclosure 10). Before beginning treatment with Ukrain more than 50 skin operations were carried out on the patient D.B. He has now passed his driving test and drives a car (Enclosure 11).

The fact of major importance is that Ukrain is effective against cancer and destroys only cancer cells but not healthy cells (Enclosure 12, Enclosure 13, Enclosure 14), which is why the preparation has negligible side-effects and therefore does not place an additional burden on children.

As mentioned in an interview by Dr. Leo Kager, one in 500 children is diagnosed with cancer before they are fifteen years-old, in Austria there are around 180 to 200 diagnoses per year.

I have learned from the media that well-known Austrian cancer researchers such as Prof. Zielinsky (Vienna General Hospital) and Prof. Miksche (Cancer Research Institute at Borschkegasse 8a, where I worked as a student and developed my medicament with negligible side-effects) are also working on an anticancer medicament that is effective and simultaneously has few side-effects. It is extremely important to have such a medicament in the arsenal of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, we have so far not heard of any groundbreaking success of these Vienna researchers. Time goes by and patients cannot wait, especially when it is a question of children. Would it not make sense to provide patients with access to an effective and safe preparation like Ukrain?

Following the appeal for donations published by St. Anna Kinderspital in the media we of course understand how important it is to help children suffering from cancer. I have presented many cases to you where children have been successfully treated with Ukrain and would like to offer you two ways in which I could support your cause: either I will make available my anticancer preparation Ukrain free of charge for the treatment of 11 children or make a monetary donation if you prefer.

Since the public has a right to be informed I shall take the liberty of publishing this letter and your appreciated reply on the internet.

Best regards,


Dr. Wassil Nowicky

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