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Letter to St. Anna Kinderspital

St. Anna Kinderspital
Prof. Dr. Georg Mann
Kinderspitalgasse 6
1090 Vienna


Dear Professor,

On 18 November we sent you a reminder letter because we have so far received no answer to our letter of 8 July 2010. At the beginning of the year you appealed through the media for help for children suffering from cancer. In answer to your appeal we made you two offers on 8 July 2010: either the preparation Ukrain free of charge for 11 patients or a donation.

I have a medicament with few side-effects which is approved in many countries and which has been granted Orphan Drug Status in the USA and Australia because of its great efficacy against cancer cells – also against pancreas cancer cells which are resistant against chemotherapy.

On a visit to your children’s cancer clinic I saw children without hair with very sad faces after chemotherapy. It was very depressing. Personally I would therefore prefer to make available to you my medicament free of charge for 11 children.

In my letter I pointed out to you several cases in which Ukrain brought about full remissions, including cases of children who had been sent home to die by your hospital but who are still alive today with the help of Ukrain – 15 years later. In the specialist literature we have found no similar case of such a cure described. Perhaps we are mistaken, in which case we would be very grateful if you wished to send us the relevant information.

As you know, the greatest problem was to find a medicament which attacks only cancer cells but not normal cells. This was always the greatest wish of all cancer researchers. However, since the difference between cancer cells and normal cells is so minimal this was regarded as being impossible.

Around thirty years ago here in Austria I succeeded in developing an effective anti-cancer preparation which also has few side-effects and which is only toxic against cancer cells while leaving normal cells undamaged. I therefore demonstrated that this supposed impossibility could be proved wrong. As far as I know many researchers all over the world are still working in this direction. This is to be welcomed because the more such preparations are available the more patients can be helped. The question arises why Ukrain is not taken up, the preparation which is already available and whose efficacy, safety and quality have been demonstrated in research work by 260 scientists from 24 countries at 60 universities and research institutes. Their works have been published in 265 scientific publications, 150 of which alone in PubMed. If the preparation had been invented by a Nobel Prize winner or a pharmaceutical giant the product would certainly not have been ignored.

If you accept my offer and use my medicament with 11 children who have exhausted all other forms of therapy you will receive confirmation that the cases described to you are not self-healing but are the result of the efficacy of Ukrain therapy with children.

Since the public has the right to be informed of this matter I take the liberty of publishing this letter as well as your appreciated reply on the internet.

Best regards,

Dr. Wassil Nowicky

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