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Letter to St. Anna Kinderspital

St. Anna Kinderspital
Prof. Dr. Georg Mann
Kinderspitalgasse 6
1090 Vienna

16 December 2010

Dear Professor,

Beginning from 29 May 2009 we have sent offers to your hospital in answer to your call for donations which have all remained unanswered. Not only we, but also many parents of sick children who have read our letters of 29.5.2009, 8.7.2010, 4.11.2010, 18.11.2010 and 2.12.2010 on the internet would be very grateful to you for your reply.

We saw from your Christmas appeal for donations that “annually about 250 children and adolescents develop cancer”. Unfortunately, 20 per cent of the children treated in your hospital can not be cured. They must be discharged as having exhausted all forms of therapy. This means that since the time of our first offer to you about 80 children suffering from cancer have died. Based on the data from the publication by Dr. Aschhoff (Enclosure 1), full remissions were achieved with Ukrain therapy for childhood tumours in more than half the cases of patients who had exhausted all other forms of therapy: 4 from 7 for Ewing’s sarcoma and 3 out of 5 with neuroblastoma. We also reported to you on positive results in the treatment of patients with other incurable illnesses who had exhausted all other forms of therapy.

The efficacy of Ukrain has been confirmed by more than 280 scientists all over the world. More than 150 publications about Ukrain are available on PubMed. Its safety has, among other places, been proved at the renowned Austrian research centre Seibersdorf (now a department of the Austrian Institute of Technology).

My perception of the fact that some of these children could be helped with Ukrain forces me to take up your time once again, even though there has so far been no reply from you.

We understand very well that you have very little time but the sick children cannot wait.

We therefore repeat our offer for the sixth time: to make available the preparation Ukrain free of charge for the treatment of 11 children who have been discharged from your hospital as having exhausted all forms of therapy in order enable the attempt to be made to save their lives.

From our experience we are quite sure that it will be possible to save the lives of some of the children and to prolong the lives and improve the quality of life of others.

Every child is unique for a family and there is no greater happiness for the family than to save the child.

This help is all the more justified because treatment with my preparation is no burden for the children. As mentioned above, Ukrain is proved to be effective against cancer while at the same time having few side-effects. As you know from previous letters, it has not only helped patients who have been discharged from your hospital as having exhausted all forms of therapy but also saved their lives. This should be a bridge of trust to the preparation Ukrain.  

Officially there are no obstacles to therapy with Ukrain since on 23 June 1993 the Arzneimittelbeirat (Pharmaceutical Advisory Board) permitted the clinical use of Ukrain also in accordance with §42 AMG. In this kind of clinical test outside hospitals it is intended that various oncological diseases which occur in the normal practice of town and country doctors should be treated with Ukrain (Enclosure 2).
Precious time passes and with it also the last chances of a cure for every child who has been sent home from hospital. You will therefore understand our pushiness.

Since the public has a right to be informed of this matter, I shall take the liberty of also publishing this letter on the internet, finally along with your appreciated answer.


Best regards,

Dr. W. Nowicky


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