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H U M A N R I G H T S ?


H U M A N   R I G H T S  ?


As a child I experienced the war and was also in a concentration camp but what I was forced to experience in September 2012 was not comparable. During the war all forms of reason were destroyed – brother fought against brother and neighbour attacked neighbour.

On 4 September 2012 more than 50 officers stormed our house, took away the key to our flat and put me in prison, where I had to spend six weeks. These 50 officers then terrorised my family for two weeks and took away all our money, including our children’s savings books. We still do not know exactly what was confiscated and I have still not received a list of confiscated goods. Stalin tormented millions of people with such methods. We should not remain silent about this.

The public has a right to know who deployed 50 officials to act so unlawfully at the cost of the state.

During a house search at least one officer and one witness should enter a room, sign the search record and then close off the room. Not as in my case when officers arbitrarily rummaged through everything and were able to take me away without showing any form of documentation.


I can only find one explanation for such behaviour which is that with my invention – an anti-cancer preparation that attacks only cancer cells while leaving healthy cells undamaged, something that every cancer researcher has been striving for – I have pre-empted the political and economic interests of certain power structures.


My first patients have already lived longer than 25 years and even those who used my medicament and have spoken against me during these legal proceedings have ultimately lived for years rather than months.


Please go to the following homepage to see how unlawful these accusations are: