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What ruined democracy?

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


After I arrived in Austria I realised, on the basis of many years of research work, that my product, the anti-cancer preparation UKRAIN (NSC 631570), which is the first and currently the only preparation with a selective effect, could bring very great benefits not only for all cancer patients but also for the whole of Austria. According to the law in force at the time a preparation should have immediately been registered if it was produced on the basis of already registered starting substances and if it demonstrated a therapeutic advantage over those substances. If this preparation were registered in Austria it could bring the country at least  2.8 billion Euros per year in tax revenues and create jobs for more than 2,000 Austrian citizens. I therefore turned to the Austrian government to help me with my work, emphasising that this preparation would be Austria’s most prestigious export product. Proof of the efficacy of this preparation is that, as its inventor, I have twice been nominated for the Nobel Prize. I have also been invited as honorary speaker to the 5th World Congress on Cancer Therapy taking place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in September this year. Proof that the Austrian Ministry of Health had no doubt whatsoever about the efficacy of UKRAIN is the following extract from a report devoted to the preparation drawn up by the ministry back in 1992. In that year the Pharmaceutical Advisory Board at the Federal Ministry of Health, Sport and Consumer Protection stated in a document entitled “Final Report (GZ 21.405/1011-II/1/8/92)”written by Prof. Dr. H. Hitzenberger and department head Dr. G. Liebeswar that: “There have been numerous works on Ukrain published over the last 10 years and more.” “It emerges that it must already be a developed preparation.” “The final product ‘Ukrain’ is declared to be consistent with the pharmacopoeia and must consequently be dependable.” “Immuno-modulating and malignotoxic activity have been attributed to it.” “More than 400 patients in many countries of the world have so far been treated in Phase III studies… The tolerability of Ukrain has evidently been judged to be good.” “Clinical reports state that patients showed the following reactions: 1) standstill of tumour growth without further metastases; 2) partial remissions; 3) total remissions and 4) total remissions with no recurrence over several years (up to 10 years).” “Ukrain accumulates in tumour tissue within minutes and this can be demonstrated by its autofluorescence under UV light… This enables good encapsulation of tumour tissue from surrounding tissue, which could be important for surgical operations.” “Ukrain has also been tried with HIV patients in individual cases. They felt better both subjectively and objectively.” “The substance Ukrain has been repeatedly put to the test in Austria since the summer of 1983.” “Examining all statements it can be said that a clinical study in Austria can still be approved because the substance ‘Ukrain’ is obviously very well tolerated.”


In 1993 a highly toxic anti-cancer preparation, TAXOL, from the American pharmaceutical concern Bristol-Myers was approved and registered in Austria on the basis of only 17 submitted case histories and without a comparative study.

 (, S. 87).

The suspicion arises that the pharmaceutical industry, which makes billions in profit from the treatment of cancer patients with chemotherapeutic drugs all over the world, gives money as donations to organisations which could be seen as a legalised form of bribery. This is why the anti-cancer preparation UKRAIN has still not been registered in Austria - in fact unlawfully and with breaches of procedural regulations.(

Instead of receiving help I experienced a real horror, described in the books, “Anti-Cancer Preperation UKRAIN: a Story of Criminal Obstructionby Dr. Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein and the recently published book, “The Unwanted Cure for Cancer. The Fight Against a Patent”by the same author which is the continuation of the story of the preparation.


I have been left wondering how all this this could happen in our democratic society. Perhaps we are also at fault for the fact that some people do not use their power for the benefit of society?

Corruption is a great evil. At the end of the Second World War each country developed quickly. This can be explained by the fact that the old corruption was destroyed by the war and nothing had yet emerged to take its place. New people came to power in post-war Europe and reconstructed the totally destroyed economy.

But do we need war in order to create a new state without corruption? Of course not. This article lays out my thoughts on this subject along with some constructive suggestions that could perhaps be interesting and helpful in combatting such a social evil.

Please find enclosed my article entitled, “What is Ruining Democracy? Power structures must be changed more often so that they do not become corrupt”along with some documentation relating to the criminal obstruction of my anti-cancer preparation UKRAIN.


Best regards,

Dr. Wassil Nowicky