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Proceedings at the European Court

The European Court of Human Rights has adjudged Austria to have taken an over-long period of time in the approval process for the medicament Ukrain. This verdict (Application No. 34983/02) can be found on the website of the ECHR:

Case of Nowicky v. Austria (Application no. 34983/02)

A new complaint was lodged with the European Court of Human Rights on 2 March 2006 on account of unlawful rejection of an approval application. This complaint has been accepted by the ECHR.

The originals of the above-mentioned documents can be found here:

The ECHR verdict against Austria (Application No. 34983/02)

Complaint to the ECHR on 20.1.2006

New complaint to the ECHR on 2.3.2006

Confirmation of receipt from the ECHR (German language)

Action filed on 06.02.2008 at the Court of First Instance of the European Union