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History of Nobel Prize Nomination

Letter of Professor, PhD, M.D., D.hx. id I. Nefyodov

Dear Dr. Nowicky,

As I looked at your homepage over the last few days I realised that the difficulties made for you by various parties that are described in the book "Krebsmittel Ukrain, Kriminalgeschichte einer Verhinderung" ("Cancer Drug Ukrain, a Crime Story of Hindrance") are continuing.

I find it more than merely shocking that, due to legal action by a company named Germania, you have to pay fines instead of gaining the recognition you deserve.

As a scientist I have occupied myself with the preparation Ukrain for many years. In 2004 I was asked by the Nobel Prize Committee to put forwards names of important scientists in the field of chemistry. In submitting the documentation in which I proposed you for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry there were many incongruities. I sent in the documentation several times but it never arrived at the Nobel Prize Committee. When the Committee was asked about this by phone, they told that in the hundred-year history of the Nobel Prize, documentation has never before disappeared. As a result, instead of you, two biologists from Israel, Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose - a biologist from the USA - were awarded the Nobel Prize.

I ask you to publish the documentation sent to you on your homepage.


Head of Department of Biochemistry and Laboratory
of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Substances
Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno,
Chairman of Belarusian Biochemical Society

Professor, PhD, M.D., D.hx. id I. Nefyodov