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Anti-cancer preparation NSC 631570 (UKRAIN) in the treatment of malignant pancreatic tissue

Incredible results of the treatment of pancreatic cancer were achieved during clinical research studies with NSC-631570 (UKRAIN) carried out by Associate Professor Gansauge and Professor Hans Beger in Germany. They showed that 30% of pancreatic cancer patients lived more than 5 years after treatment with NSC 631570, while medical statistics show that after conventional treatment methods patients with the same diagnosis live only 4-6 months and only 2.2% of them reach the 5-year-survival rate.

This can be found in the protocol from 19.10.2012 ( in which Associate Professor Gansauge from the University of Ulm, who had carried out numerous clinical studies with pancreatic cancer, answered the question “Were patients completely cured?” with “No, not with the palliative patients. With the adjuvant patients there was around 30% who lived for 5 years”.  

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