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What is God?

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Since long time ago people tried to find an answer to this question. They have been filling that between them and the world there is a kind of power, which invisibly unites all living creatures. Attempts to understand and to explain this power created the ground for the development of religions. Different nations explained in different ways the existence of God. That is why there are a lot of religions, different cultures, but they differ only in nuances.

In Hinduism, which has millions of Gods, we can find: „To whom you ever pray, you pray to me“.
In Judaism they say: „Nobody has ever seen God. That’s why nobody can make a picture of him“.
In Christianity we find: „We are all God’s children“.
Islam says: „God was not born and He can not born“.
Buddha says: „Everything what exists, comes from Spirit, has Spirit as the fundament and is created by the Spirit.“

All these interpretations are based on a mutual ground: Indications for the existence of energy.  The availability of original energy is undenied. A part of it is to be found in the whole cosmos, also in human beings. Human mind is also a part of creative energy. Her we may find answer to the question: What is the sense of creation? There is life on earth for over millions of years, developed from only one cell to the highest stage of development, the human being. We have the creative energy in ourselves, this is what distinguishes us from other living things. God’s creative energy is fulfilled by human beings, we may build houses, churches, factories or plant trees. Through our creative possibilities we represent the sense of his Creation.

Due to this ability we could create paradise on earth. If one is believing is rebirth, it is easy to understand, that the partial energy man will reflow back to the original energy after his death in order to get converted again in a partial energy, it means to be born again. No one knows in which part of the world it will happen. You may be President of United States today and tomorrow you will be born in Iraq. If all people will understand that this process can not be interrupted, they will carry for good living conditions everywhere in the world, they will get a chance to create the paradise on Earth.

The energy is not appearing or disappearing, it exists for ever, it can just change is form, it means it can change, concentrate or separating. We cannot see energy, but we feel it. God, himself, cannot be seen, but we feel him. God is the creative energy which exists everywhere.

The Eastern religions came most closely to the understanding of God as energy. Even in their traditions they use the connection between the internal spirit of a person and the space energy.
This forms  the base for meditation which gives to individuals some superpower. It is interesting that the Eastern religions are most tolerable towards other religions. No one of these religions is making aggressive propaganda against others or promising paradise to those who kill the members of other religions. These religions understand that the base of the religion is he Spirit or Energy, which exists everywhere. The man’s greatest wealth is this kind of energy, it should be used sensibly. There is nothing more foreign for the God as the sacrificing of life in His name or religious wars.

There is a such story:“ A farmer says to the priest:“ I will give a coin if you show me where is God.“ The priest answers:“ I give you two coins if you show me where is no God.“

By Dr. Nowicky, published in the newspaper „Public Defender“ N 13, March 5-11, 2007