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Sex as weapon in political games

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The whole world has been shocked by publications on the internet platform Wikileaks, which show clearly how politicians manipulate people.

We have found out from these documents about the real actions of politicians all over the world, about their secret deals and how they make laws and decisions solely for their own benefit and not that of the people for whom they are supposed to work. They even sacrifice human life to achieve their greedy aims. We have, for example, found out that the Saudi king asked the USA to attack Iran. We can see from the example of Iraq what devastating consequences this could have: in order to take revenge on a single man the whole country has been ruined, the population has shrunk by 10% and thousands of young Americans have lost their lives. We have seen that the Afghan president is a psychopathic personality and the whole government in Kabul is marked by incurable corruption. Also that the notorious gas company RosUkrEnergo did its dubious deals with the blessings of both presidents Putin and Yuschenko. That the Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash had no access to gas businesses until he asked mafia boss Semen Mogilevich for permission, that the US military was prepared to bomb the Ukrainian ship Faina if the weapons delivery reached Sudan, that the Chechenyan president Kadyrov made a present of a 5 kilo gold ingot at a wedding and fired shots wildly around him with a gold pistol, and his country is lying in ruins – men like this become presidents in the Russian republics. We also discovered that the Russian Prime Minister Putin has a fortune of billions and conducts his business deals via a barely known Swiss company while Russia slips deeper and deeper into economic crisis and millions of Russians are suffering from hunger. Also that Russia blackmailed the Aserbaijani president with Nagorno-Karabakh so that his country did not recognise the Ukrainian famine as genocide. And much, much more…

Why is the wish to liquidate Mr Assange so great? Because he has shown the real character of politicians, and it diverges radically from their duties and the pretty pictures in the popular press.

Perhaps these revelations will force us to think about the fitness for purpose of our current democratic system which functions in practically all more or less developed countries with marginal variations: the election is won by whoever has better access to the media, that means whoever has more money. And if someone really wants to represent the people and even has the ability he in any case has no chance of being elected if his ambitions are not backed by strong financial support. Such support is naturally not provided for charitable reasons – whoever pays the price can choose the music.

Politicians should serve the people and all of their activities should be transparent. This is the prerequisite for the prevention of corruption and for the development of a country in general. The greatest progress is made in countries where corruption is at its lowest.

Generally, corruption is the greatest evil of any society. Society develops and overcomes obstacles where the exchange of energy between people works fairly. And where laws against bribery and corruption are bandied with the country perishes. This can be clearly seen from the corruption data of various countries brought together in a study by the famous Transparency International. At the top of the corruption list is Somalia, in last place – Denmark. Both countries have very few natural resources and climatic conditions are not the best in either of them. However, Denmark is a highly-developed European country which successfully meets the challenges of the modern world. Somalia is a country where people are driven to desperation, state institutions no longer exist and piracy is the most successful (and often the only) business. 

Taxpayers have the right to know what their money is being spent on, politicians are paid with this money. Politicians should occupy themselves with the welfare of their own citizens and not with their own pockets. The exchange of energy between people should work so that it serves to benefit the whole country and not merely individuals.

The greatest asset of any country is a clever exchange of energy between its people. This is easily seen from the example of Denmark. This is also the main duty of politicians. However, they only talk about this before an election, afterwards all promises are forgotten. As a result  unemployment is growing and the economy is being ruined. With the fine concept of “globalisation” companies are closed and production moved to the east where it is cheaper. China is flourishing and will become the most powerful country in the world while Europe suffers one serious blow after another and cannot extricate itself from its permanent crisis. But politicians do not want to hear protests against the real reason for this crisis – globalisation.

Corrupt politicians pass laws which benefit only themselves or their sponsors, they are not interested in the people. The most important thing for them is to (ab)use power for their own purposes. Documents may only be kept secret at time of war, in peacetime the activities of politicians should be as transparent as possible. Then it would not be necessary to search for secret bank accounts throughout the world.

This is why the publication of numerous American documents on the Wikileaks website has brought politicians together. And once again sex is being used as a weapon. Journalists are also partly to blame for this ignominious story because they use sex as a weapon. Who has the right to eavesdrop on what is going on in someone else’s bed without an invitation? It is a pity that journalists do not interest themselves in the actions of politicians but rather in their sexual preferences. The best example is the story with President Clinton. At the moment when he wanted to counteract destructive energies the scandal with Monika Levinski was brought to life to a degree never seen before. However, reporters were not interested why Ms Levinski had left the stained dress lying around for three years. If this affair had not been manipulated, we would until today have found out nothing about the real origin of these stains – whether it was ice or another organic substance. However, someone was very interested in blowing up this scandal to enormous proportions. This scandal made a lasting change to American politics – home affairs and especially foreign policy – and demonstrated the power of these destructive forces to the whole world. And the role of the press in all this is obvious – it was completely clear from the beginning that the whole story was staged and manipulated but no journalist asked who benefited from it. When freedom of the press is only seen as the freedom to allow oneself to be conned it throws a very embarassing light on the character of the western press today. Incidentally, I offered the article “Sex as a Weapon” to several newspapers but none of them dared to publish it. No western newspaper wanted to look at the Clinton story from this perspective. 

In order to be able to manipulate people more easily after the period of sexual freedom sex – one of the basic human needs, like eating and sleeping – is now seen as a crime. Sex has been turned into a weapon, as I wrote previously (“Sex as a Weapon”, Ukraina moloda, 19 November 1998).

Julian Assange’s actions were not criminal, whatever laws are applied. In Australia, whose citizenship he has, the public expression of political views is not a crime. And because no crime could be proved against him it was decided to use the modern weapon – sex. Assange was invited to Sweden to give talks about Wikileaks. After a lecture two young women invited him to spend the night at their home under the pretext of saving hotel expenses. They only had one bed each in the flat. Both were completely happy with the acquaintance, accompanied the Australian to the station and said goodbye as the best of friends. However, after a few days doubts arose in them about the quality of condoms past their use-by date which had already been stored for quite a long time. And they asked for help – but not a doctor, rather the police!

Just as no real diplomat ever says “no”, no real lady ever says “yes”.

Under Swedish law there are three types of rape and even the least serious “unlawful coercion to have sex” (without physical violence) still carries a penalty of 4 years. In the view of the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny, rape has also taken place when a woman feels uncomfortable or exploited after sex. Careful men therefore ask for a written and notarised request from their partners before having sex.

The damage that such legislation has brought to the country is shown by the statistics. During the 1960s the birth rate in Sweden was 18 per 1,000, now it is only 10 per 1,000. The figures for mental illnesses have also risen. According to the Swedish National Institute of Public Health 24% of women (every fourth woman) and 16% of men (every sixth man) were affected by mental disorders in 2004.

Globalisation has caused the growth of unemployment throughout Europe. Sweden has also not been spared – a typical result is the sale of Volvo to the Chinese. The country probably wants to solve the problem of unemployment in its own way – in Sweden legislation has been passed which catapulted the country to number one in rape. Incidentally there were almost no rapes in Sweden in the 1960s. Perhaps the “leftover” men who attempted to convince women to sleep with them are in prison and probably with this third point of Swedish rape law the legislators want to solve two problems at the same time: reduce the unemployment figures and divert the attention of society from the results of globalisation.

The lawyer of these two women dedicated himself seriously to the matter and doggedly bombarded the court with complaints. And although Assange himself went to the police in London he was immediately arrested and put in solitary confinement like a dangerous criminal.

The fear of revelations forced dishonest politicians to close ranks. They could find no real crimes Assange had committed so they invented sexual offences. The innocent man was arrested. The attempt of his lawyer to have him released on bail was rejected by the court for a long time. Even more: Switzerland rejected his application to open an account, the world’s biggest internet shop amazon closed his server for hosting Wikileaks and the credit card companies Visa and MasterCard refuse to accept donations for Wikileaks.

This whole story with the sexual allegations against Julian Assange can hardly be surpassed in its absurdity and horrendous legal inconsistencies. It is an especially hot topic because the charge has been made in Sweden – in the country which was once an example to the rest of Europe in the matter of sexual freedom.

Sex has once again been used as a weapon at a critical time in modern history. It demonstrates what a dangerous direction society has chosen for its development.

We see from the example of the harassment of Wikileaks and Julian Assange that democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of the press are by no means so unlimited and stable. The whole freedom of the press ends when and where those in power feel that power threatened. The arrest of Assange brings to mind a situation in which the policeman is charged after arresting the criminal.

Dr. Wassil Nowicky